Steer Your Future Business Decisions With Complete Data Intelligence

Realtime Data

At the core of our solution is a centralized enterprise data management solution that allows its users to track and understand their data across cloud and on-premises platforms. Track, analyze, and pivot your way to a more robust, data-driven business.

Customer Insights

Know your customers’ demographics, habits, behavior, and preferences while they’re engaging with your business. With OneDATA.Plus, you can gain a better understanding of your customer so you can personalize their experience.

Actionable Analytics

Understand your business metrics inside and our with out AI-driven analytics insights. We deliver a comprehensive check on your organization, diagnosing problem areas and prescribing accessible, sustainable business solutions. 

Accessible Technology

OneDATA.Plus’ API Gateway Service provides no-code/low-code features to publish information and business decisions across enterprise platforms. With user-friendly interfaces for non-technical users, businesses can harness our technology to integrate with internal and external platforms. Users can be assured that their data is protected by our enterprise security and governance processes.

Scalable Pricing

OneDATA.Plus is an affordable enterprise platform with a minimum monthly spend of $500 and scalable for the needs of your organization. We are committed to making OneDATA.Plus an accessible solution that allows businesses of all sizes to get the pertinent information they need to succeed in their industries. Get started today and get a $500 credit on your first month.

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