OneDATA.Plus Release Notes

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Version 1




  • A new Data Domain Management module was added under Data Governance which allows users to identify Domain and Subdomain for each registered attribute. 
  • In the Tables/Feeds module users are now able to identify Reference Keys for a particular table that will be a primary key of another table in the database of the same platform. 
  • Table Level Quality Metric Distribution is now displayed in the Tables/Feeds module dashboard. 
  • New quality check metric was added in the Raw Data Quality feature of Data Exchange. Users would be able to select Valid Value Check or Finance/Balance control when submitting Data Exchange requests. 
  • In the Data Exchange module, users can identify the number of backup tables in the destination database that are created after the ingestion is registered. The maximum number of backups is set to 10 at the moment. 
  • Redesigned Load Append feature of Data Exchange module. It enables users to update their existing data of batch ingestions by optimizing it without any loss of data and appending only the latest data at the base of the table using Primary keys. 


  • More features were added to the Account Settings module. Users are now able to customize their Access URL, add and edit their payment details as well as email connection parameters. 
  • New detailed tooltips were added across the platform. 
  • The time taken for a service to run is now displayed in the Process Manager module. 


  • Many fixes on the back end including module upgrades were done. 
  • Various backend codes have been cleaned up. Additional code has been implemented in various processes and database communication, which decreased page load times. 
  • Many small structural tweaks including font sizing and mobile layout adjustment as well as Search Engine Optimization. 

Known Issues

  • In case of task failure, errors appearing in the Process Manager are not defined in detail. Our team is working on providing a clear explanation and instructions to users on how to resolve an issue if it arises.


  • Complete revamp in design. Vertical menu navigation with primary and secondary bars will be introduced, which will allow significantly better usability and accessibility. 
  • More explanatory tooltips for users to navigate and eliminate confusion will be added. 
  • In the Platforms and Databases module, there will be new connectors added. Now users will be able to connect their existing GCP platform(s) to OneDATA.Plus environment. 
  • The improved user interface of the Signup process. 
  • Improved design of Customer 360 module, which will enable users to easily navigate within the page and extract all necessary pieces of information effectively. 
  • Improved design and functionality of Data Transformation, ML Workflow, and Business Applications modules, which enables users to easily navigate and make changes to the steps of the Use Cases. 
  • Restructured the front-end code for higher scalability of the product. 

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